Which Doctor Who enemy are you?

There are many monster in the doctor Who universe but which one are you most like?Take this fun easy quiz and find out. Just remember these monsters arent real...

Which Doctor Who monster are you? Do you have the qualitys to be one. Untill now you could only imagine but by taking this quiz it will be only a matter of minutes till you know...

Created by: The Editor
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  1. You are invading a planet a Man come to you and say "please spare me" you reply-
  2. You plan to invade earth sneakily. how?
  3. Your ideal creater is?
  4. Your ideal body would be?
  5. Your ideal invading base would be?
  6. If you had an army how would you further add subjects to you army?
  7. Which of the words do youlike the most?
  8. how would your friend best describe you?
  9. If you could have on of the following skills which would it be?
  10. Finaly if u could kill some one how would you do it-

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Quiz topic: Which Doctor Who enemy am I?