How Well Do You Know Bond?

There are many people that claim to be James Bond fans. Are you one of them? This quiz asks questions about Fleming's novels as well as the very successful movie series. Actors, characters, and songs are the main types of questions. Are you ready to take on Bond? Go for it.

007. It is probably the most recogizable number sequence on Earth. But how much do you really know about James Bond? Before the movies, there were the novels. This quiz asks questions about novels and movies; about Bond, his friends, and his enemies. Think you know his dossier? Give it a try!

Created by: Kelley
  1. According to Fleming, what school did Bond attend?
  2. According to Fleming, how did Bond's parents die?
  3. What was the name of Bond's wife?
  4. What are the only two Bond movie theme songs, with lyrics, in which the title of the movie does not appear in the lyrics?
  5. Who was the first actor to ever portray James Bond?
  6. What is Q's name?
  7. What is M's name (the male character, not the female character)?
  8. The "unofficial" Bond movie "Never Say Never Again" was a remake of what earlier Bond movie?
  9. Of the following actors to play Bond, only one is actually "English". Which one?
  10. Which novel did Fleming specify the plot could NOT be used for a movie?
  11. In which Fleming novel, does Bond go into outer space?
  12. Felix Leiter gets partially eaten by a shark in the movie "Licence to Kill". In which Fleming novel did this take place?
  13. What was the name of Bond's "scottish treasure" housekeeper in the novels?
  14. In which two movies does the villian threaten nations with a diamond covered death ray in space?
  15. Only one of the following movie titles is a Fleming title. Which one?
  16. Who was the head of SPECTRE?
  17. SMERSH plays a major role in several early Fleming novels and the movie "The Living Daylights". What is SMERSH?
  18. Who was the first singer of a Bond movie theme song to actually appear in the opening credits?
  19. The song "If You Asked Me To" was a big hit for Celine Dion. It was sung first by Patti LaBelle over the closing credits of which movie?
  20. Which of the following movie Bond women was actually created by Fleming?
  21. What is Miss Moneypenny's first name?
  22. In which movie did the Ford Mustang make its film debut?
  23. What is Bond's military rank?
  24. Bono and Edge from U2 wrote which Bond theme song?
  25. And finally, which actor said "yes, I read a couple of the novels, but I didn't learn much about the character by reading them."

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