Which member of M15 bookclub are you?

Us three are like best mates. No three people have a bond quite like us. Our bond is called M15 Bookclub. Every IT lesson we discuss the great Harry Potter series. Each with our own character, house, and patronum! We think we are three pretty awesome people so...

Do you think you have anything in common with the Strong and Couragous Chelsea, the Inteligent and Witty Emily or the Pretty and Simple Matt? If not maybe you just don't belong around legends like oursleves. Well there's only one way to find out who you should be aspiring to be like. Take this amazing test!

Created by: bookclub15

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  1. What house were you put in?
  2. Who is your favourite Character?
  3. What would your Patronus animal be ?
  4. Who is your least favourite character?
  5. If you was a banana split, what part would you be?
  6. Who's death made you most sad?
  7. Whats your favourite quote?
  8. Who should love who?
  9. Favoutire spell?
  10. Whats your favourite word?
  11. Do you drink or smoke?
  12. In my spare time i...
  13. My favorite X-men character is...

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Quiz topic: Which member of M15 bookclub am I?