What Harry Potter DA member are you?

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Okay, every Harry Potter fan loves at least one of the main six DA members (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville). My personal favourites are Luna and Ginny.

So, which one are you most like? It could be the one you like most, because you like them because they are like you. They could be the opposite of the one you like! But, can you just try and answer honestly? I know it's hard, but do the thing that you immediately think,or you might persuade yourself of the thing that you think your favourite character would say. So, have fun!

Created by: Lucy
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  1. Do grades matter?
  2. Fangirl, or no fangirl?
  3. Any interest in romance?
  4. optimistic or pessimistic and extroverted or introverted. (O or P and E or I)
  5. One of these questions. You know, take yo chance.
  6. I got nothing. Which face? Yes, I do actually have logic in this question, do NOT question it!
  7. Patronus?
  8. House?
  9. So, you are walking along an alley, a dark one, and there is a fork in the path. like a plus sign.+. Suddenly, things jump out from each path. there is a dementor in one, he-who-must-not-be-named and Bellatrix lestrange in another, Snape in another, and an acromantula (giant spider) in the other. Which path do you least want to take?
  10. Okay, same thing. Lockhart jumps out terrified. What do you do?
  11. Okay, it's the end. another one of these questions, but it has a LITTLE bit of logic!

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Quiz topic: What Harry Potter DA member am I?