Which Harry Potter Female Character are you?

Harry Potter is a popular and wide - known novel of the 21st century, with exciting adventures, heartwarming stories, and foremost, unique characters.

These characters all possess unique traits and act differently. Who do you think would be like your twin? Bookish Hermione, or popular Cho? Forceful Ginny, or quirky Luna? Let's find out!

Created by: Fairytalea
  1. Firstly, do you wish to be analysed by your appearance or personality?
  2. Try the first 6 questions if you chose 'personality' in the previous one. Try the last few questions if you chose 'appearance'. Skip the unnecessary questions.
  3. Which house are you in? If unsorted, choose your favourite.
  4. Which subject would you excel in?
  5. Which post would you like to join?
  6. Which form would your Patronus take?
  7. Choose an ideal pet.
  8. How would friends describe you as?
  9. Your hair...
  10. Your eye colour...
  11. Your blood status...
  12. Your friends...
  13. Your wand core...
  14. Will you rate and comment?

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Quiz topic: Which Harry Potter Female Character am I?