Do you think Fleur Delacour is pretty?

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Harry Potter is a popular book written by J. K. Rowling. There are many interesting character. Fluer Delacour (As Ginny says, Phlegm) is a Beauxbatons girl that’s part Veela.

On the down side, she’s rude and arrogant, and thinks the British cook their meat to thick. 😂 ! I think Fleur is definitely pretty, but do you? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Hunter farms

  1. Do you think blond hair is pretty?
  2. What type of blonde is best?
  3. What type of eye color?
  4. If answered blue, what blue is best?
  5. If answered green, what green is best?
  6. Which magic school?
  7. I would ask Fleur Delacour out on a date.
  8. Huh?
  9. Just wasting time here
  10. Buhbye!

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Quiz topic: Do I think Fleur Delacour is pretty?