What do you know about Harry Potter creatures?

Do you think you know EVERYTHING there is to know about J K Rowling's iconic British series? Well, this tricky quiz might prove you wrong. Even I had to look up the answers to write it.

If you've read and studied 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them', you may just have chance at a fairly good score. If you're a Hermione on my other quiz, 'What Harry Potter character Are You?' then you may even do well!

Created by: Ali
  1. How many eggs does a female Acromantula lay every time she lays them, and is she smaller or larger than the male?
  2. What can happen to an Erumpet horn?
  3. Does an Augery feather...
  4. What is the only spell that can repel a Lethifold?
  5. Wizards stung by Billywigs:
  6. A bowtruckle may be soothed with
  7. A crup looks like a _________ with a forked tail.
  8. The diricawl, known as the dodo to Muggles, can: (Think : how did it SEEM to be extinct?)
  9. A Jarvey, which can talk (mostly in rude phrases) resembles a:
  10. (This is an easy one!) A Niffler has a liking for anything
  11. What are the three types of troll?
  12. The correct order of colors a unicorn becomes as it grows from foal to adult is: (Think, what is the color of an adult unicorn? Then think, what's the closest metallic color to THAT color?)
  13. The owner of a winged horse is required to do WHAT at regular intervals?
  14. There are __ breeds of dragon. Think carefully- The obvious answer is NOT always right!
  15. A fledgling hippogriff should be able to fly
  16. Where in England is the pixie found? (Hint: its full name will help you.. Remember a disastrous and unhelpful Defense against the Dark Arts lesson for this one!)
  17. Does the pixie have wings; and can it fly?
  18. Does the pixie (A) lay eggs or (B) bear live young?
  19. Is a pixie...
  20. A fairy spins a cocoon at what age?

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Quiz topic: What do I know about Harry Potter creatures?