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Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well this is your chance to show off how much you really know about Harry Potter! Lets see if you get these basic questions correct.

I couldn't get information from every book in here, and they aren't very challenging questions, but this should at least show if you remember what you read or watched while enjoying Harry Potter!

Created by: Sam

  1. Which of these is the name of one of harry's kids:
  2. Which of these curses helped Harry Potter beat Voldemort in Goblet of Fire and in Deathly Hallows
  3. Who of these are Harry's BFFs
  4. which of these is ron's middle name?
  5. in which of these books does cedric diggory die
  6. Who is harry's godfather
  7. who does voldemort kill
  8. where do they go to school
  9. what does snape teach
  10. what does Umbridge carve on harry's arm

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