How Well Do You Know Harry Potter? (Hard)

You say you're a Harry Potter Geek, but are you really? This is supposed to be challenging, so find out how well you know Harry Potter! Don't cheat if you're a true Harry Potter fan, please.

Are you an average Harry Potter fan? Or do you think you can remember the smallest details off the top of your not-scarred head? Either way, this quiz is hopefully hard, so test your knowledge.

Created by: SiriusLeeBlack

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  1. Lets start off easy. At the beginning of Sorcerer's Stone, how times did Dumbledore click his "Put-Outer"?
  2. How many presents did Dudley get on his 10th birthday?
  3. In the 3rd book, Harry spends the last 3 weeks of his summer at the Leaky Cauldron. What's his room number??
  4. When did Ron meet Kreacher?
  5. When Harry finds Molly trying to confront the boggart in OotP, who's dead body does he first see?
  6. In OotP, what Quidditch team does Cho Chang support? (Hint: near the beginning....ok that's not really a hint...)
  7. Another OotP question!!! Harry just finished his Care of Magical Creatures class. He sees Luna Lovegood and shes wearing a certain odd article of clothing/accessory. What is it?
  8. And what color is that odd piece of clothing/accessory??
  9. Neville can see thestrals. Whom did he see die?
  10. What is the correct order for listing all the Marauders? Well, the order they were listed on the Marauders' Map.
  11. In the Chamber of Secrets, we all know that a certain trio made the Polyjuice potion. What are the mentioned ingredients to brew it?
  12. What is the score of the 422nd Quidditch World Cup final? ("Hint": Harry was there....duh...)
  13. What secret passageway does Fred and George find in their 2nd year?
  14. In Half Blood Prince, the security at Gringotts is tightened. How long does it take for the public to get their gold?
  15. What village was Horace Slughorn living in when Harry and Dumbledore visited?
  16. Who is the author of Advanced Potion-Making?
  17. Another HBP question XD. Romilda Vane offers _____ to Harry. It's spiked with Love Potion. What does she first offer?
  18. Last HBP question, I promise!! Who is the Muggle Prime Minister's junior minister's name? And here's one of my "helpful" hints: It's in the VERY beginning of HBP (he's mentioned quite a bit actually...).
  19. Ok, I lied....One more HBP question...*hides behind Snape* Okay, what bridge is destroyed at the beginning?
  20. How did Hermione recognize the Erumpent Horn in Xenophilius's living room?
  21. What is Lucius Malfoy's wand wood?
  22. What was the password for Potterwatch when Harry first listened to it?
  23. What is Kingsley Shacklebolt's patronus?
  24. How old was Ariana Dumbledore when she died?
  25. Which Death Eater killed Remus Lupin?
  26. Ron is disguised as Reginald Cattermole when infiltrating the Ministry. What are the names of the real Cattermole's kids?
  27. What is the age difference between Harry's parents and who is older?
  28. What is Bellatrix's wand made out of?
  29. Was this quiz hard or at least somewhat challenging?? (does not effect answer)

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