Two Words: Harry Potter!

Okay, so you've chosen my Harry Potter quiz. Well, thanks for that. Anyway, it's a Harry Potter knowledge quiz basically on the first six books/movies.

So, thank you for choosing my quiz. I hope it's right down your alley. I'm going to have to ask that you rate and comment, I like to know what people thin about my quizzes. In your comments, if you have any tricky/difficult questions, please, put them in your comments so I can put them into the quiz. The last possible result will just say "This question was _______'s idea."

Created by: xendocheionology
  1. What is Harry Potter's mother's name?
  2. Who are the two Hufflepuff prefects in Harry's fifth year?
  3. What is Percy Weasley's middle name?
  4. Which side of the family does Hagrid get his giant heritage from?
  5. Which subject does Hermione Granger drop near Easter in her third year?
  6. Who is really Snuffles?
  7. What color is Slytherin's Basilisk?
  8. Which is Ron Wealey's least favorite color?
  9. Which House is Moaning Myrtle in?
  10. Which does Dobby like the best?
  11. What does the spell "Avis" do?
  12. Can first years be on Quidditch teams?
  13. What is a Squib?
  14. Which is one of Voldemort's horcruxes (sorry, can't spell that)?

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