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  • Good quiz, and the question about Hermione dropping a lesson in Easter in her fourth year, is a trick question. Good work on that. I had no idea what Ron's least favourite colour was tho D: I think you got a bit confused on the answers too, because I only got 86% DDD: Ah well :]

    Loony Luna
  • Loony Luna^^^ that isnt a trick question. In the book, the divination teacher says 'one of our number will leave us around easter time' and she means hermione because around easter in the book, hermione walks out of her lesson because she doesnt think it a real subject:)

  • 100%! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

  • I saw this quiz and knew right away to take it! amazing! HP ROCKS! I'M HIS BIGGEST FAN!

  • 100 yeah i didnt know half of it i guessed


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