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  • Hogwarts Life Part 2
    [published: Jul 14, 2011, 11 comments]

    Harry Potter is the most popular Wizard of all time...Heck, he's probably the most popular PERSON of all……

  • Hogwarts Life Part 1
    [published: Jul 13, 2011, 15 comments]

    Harry Potter is probably the most popular series for young people and adults alike in the entire world. ……

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  • "A. Singer/Actress/Dancer B. Author/Journalist C. Criminal investigator, probably like a criminal profiler or behavoural analys"
  • "8 in my real name, but 4 in my nickname and 6 in my surname"
  • Bucket List
    "See 1000 different musicals before I die Meet Tom Felton Get married to someone I love more than life Publish a book"
  • What are you wearing?
    "Black short-shorts with a white belt, a red rose in my hair and a Les Miserables t-shirt (Go CYPT XD). Yeah, I just got up so nothing speci..."

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