Should You Trust Him?

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There's many great and strong couples in the world, but not that many. Sometimes you wonder to yourself, "does he still love me?" and you fight hard for him to get your attention that's it been driving you nuts!

Do you feel like you should trust him and keep this relationship moving on? Or that it's time for a break, or a break up. This quiz will give you a possible and GENERAL answer so don't expect much.

Created by: lilfreakgryl
  1. Has he suddenly stopped smiling at you and flirting?
  2. Does he ever return your calls or texts?
  3. Does he ever talk to you as much?
  4. Does he treat you differently than other people *in a bad way?
  5. Does he ever ditch out on dates or anything? Like for example, he calls last minute and says he can't make it.
  6. Does he do what he says he will do?
  7. Does he mostly talk about himself?
  8. Do you see him hugging other girls and being more nicer to them than you?
  9. Is he always saying things like he has to go?
  10. Do you two argue a lot?

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Quiz topic: Should I Trust Him?