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Organisations that collect data depend on the goodwill and cooperation of the community, businesses and other organisations to provide the information. By protecting the confidentiality of the information provided, organisations that collect data help maintain the trust and goodwill of providers, and are better able to collect the required information. Maintaining public trust helps achieve a higher response to data collections and results in better quality data. There are also legal obligations which must be met in relation to the collection, management, use and dissemination of information. In Australia this requirement is recognised in the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988) and various state and territory privacy legislation. It is also reflected in legislation, procedures and protocols

In 2014, the fourth General Social Survey (GSS) was conducted with Australians aged 15 years and over. The main purpose of the survey was to provide an understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of relative advantage and disadvantage across the population, and to facilitate reporting on and monitoring of people's opportunities to participate fully in society. Many of the key factors that influence an individual's social inclusion have been collected across the series of the GSS. This release provides an update on Australia's progress. These summary findings provide a snapshot of the data collected in the GSS, highlighting several themes emerging from the 2014 survey. The themes include how Australia has progressed on aspects of social capital such as participation, support, feelings of safety and trust. The GSS covers a wide range of topics, many of which are collected in other surveys. The analysis draws on data from complementary sources, and considers factors that may be driving changes in selected measures. It also draws attention to overall life satisfaction, focusing on characteristics of population groups with low reported life satisfaction - people with a mental health condition, people with disability, recent and other migrants, people living in one parent families, and those with different sexual orientations.

Created by: Dizem

  1. How often does the ABS release CPI data?
  2. What year is the next Census?
  3. When will Australia's population reach 24 million?
  4. How many Australian Statisticians have presided over the ABS?
  5. Who is the mascot of the Census?
  6. What is Australia's current seasonally adjusted unemployment rate?
  7. How many official ABS iPhone apps are in existence?
  8. Can the data you provide to the ABS be used to identify you?
  9. The ABS calculates the number of unemployed people by looking at how many are receiving the Newstart Allowance from Centrelink
  10. How many pages of data is on the ABS website?

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