Does your crush like you?

Nearly everyone has a crush. But everyone wants to know if their crush actually likes them. In this quiz, I will give honest answers, so do not be offended. They are backed up by statistics and tests, so don't think I made this all up! XD

Take this quiz- c'mon, you know you want to! It can't hurt. Seriously. Everyone wants to know, and it can be aggravating when you don't have the slightest clue whether your crush likes you back.

Created by: AliceHorseGirl
  1. Has he/sh ever made skin contact with you?
  2. Has he/she ever flirted with you?
  3. Let's say he/she happens to be walking down the same street as you. They overtake you, bumping you in the process. They would most likely...
  4. How much do you talk together?
  5. If they saw you, how would they react?
  6. Have you read them talk about you?
  7. You get onto a bus and look around for a spare seat. There is only one available- next to your crush. What is the most likely thing that would happen?
  8. Let's say you and your friends were at the mall. You see your crush. What would he say?
  9. Wait up...lets get one thing straight. Does he/she know your name?
  10. The school prom is coming up. Do you think they'll ask you to go with them?
  11. Ok, last question. Do you think they find you attractive?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?