Does he/she like you?

Hi everyone, i found most of the "does your crush like you" and "does he like you" quizzes to just be made up bs, lol so i made my own which will hopefully help. does he/she like you?

Does he/she like you? take this quiz to find out the answers. this quiz has been made to be as accurate as possible and has been made to make sense etc.

Created by: bellaa
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Estimate: How long have you known each other?
  2. they see you somewhere, what do they do?
  3. What do you too talk about?
  4. How long do your conversations last?
  5. Do you talk to them on a mobile or via internet?
  6. Do they ever comment you?
  7. Do they ever play with your belongings?
  8. Do they ever joke around with you?
  9. Do they stare at you?
  10. Do they try to get your attention?
  11. Do they get out of their way to be with/near you?
  12. Do they ever say anything mean to you (even when they are joking around)?
  13. Do they pick their friends over you?
  14. What do their friends think of you/do to you?
  15. Most physical contact have you had?
  16. What do you make of this line: GIRL: "OMG YOU ARE SO ANNOYING, I HATE YOU" BOY: "DUDE, SHE SOOOOO WANTS ME"
  17. Have they ever taught you something
  18. Pick a number?

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