Witch which do you have the hots for? (for guys)

i enjoy taking these quizzes on line. i took a few sorting hat quizzes (always wound up in gryffindor or hufflepuff), i took a "who am i most like at Hogwarts" quiz, etc. I even found a Harry Potter "who's your crush" quiz. but it was for girls. i couldn't find one made for guys. so i took it upon myself to fill this void. hope you enjoy

Ever wondered who'd you be snoggin behind the broom shed at hogwarts? or maybe you'd rather take a quite stroll through the grounds with that certain, special, someone? either way, this quiz will tell you who'd be which witch is right for you.

Created by: Yisrael Edward Cohen

  1. What's a good first date
  2. Which color hair do you like best?
  3. Do you play sports?
  4. Do you like reading?
  5. Do you care what your friends think of the girl your'e with?
  6. What's your favorite movie?
  7. How many girls have you been with before?
  8. would you rather have the girl take charge, or do you want to be in command?
  9. Are you the Jealous type?
  10. Would you rather spend time alone or with friends?

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Quiz topic: Witch which do I have the hots for? (for guys)