Witch Hunter-Time for Revenge!

Alright! Get your pitchforks and torches at the ready! We're going WITCH HUNTING! (For boys AND girls!) you live in a small town in the 1800's, the time of witches and demonds and ghosts and gools. See if you could kick some Witch Butt!

A girl from your village has resently gone missing (a close friend of yours, actually...) and people have been noticing a woman wondering through the woods at night. The elders have agreed that this is indeed the work of a WITCH! They tell you that your great, great, great grandfather used to be an amazing Which Hunter and they hope it runs in the blood... So they place the task of Leader if the Witch Hunters in your hands! You gratefully accept... Time to go hunting!

Created by: J_Tiger(2)
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  1. Time to go Witch Hunting! What's the best way to kill a witch???
  2. What do witches look like?
  3. What do you barter with with a witch?
  4. Your running through the woods when your team of hunters gets split up... What do you do?
  5. You hear someone scream out in pain and terror! Sounds like another girl from town! What do you do?!!?
  6. You find a body. It's the original girl who went missing... She's dead and her heart is missing from her chest. Now what...?
  7. You come across a small cabin in the woods. You hear someone singing an unformilar song in a language you've never heard... This must be the witch! What's your plan?
  8. As your group starts moving through the underbrush again, you trip over a root! You twisted your anckle and can't stand back up. The humming stops--Oh No! She's heard you! What now!
  9. She catches you! NO! But she likes you... She says if you answer her riddle correctly, you can all go free... But if you guess wrong... You all shall die! Your response:
  10. "Very well..." she says, " Here is my riddle: What creature walks on four legs in the 'morning', two legs at 'noon', and three legs in the' evening'?"
  11. You are about to give your answer when someone else from your group steps up and says, "A human! At birth, we crawl on four legs. Through adulthood, we stand on two. And when we are elder we walk with the help of a wooden third leg!" Shocked at hearing the correct answer, the witch disappears in a puff of smoke, never to be seen in your village again! What do you say to the man who spoke up and saved the town?
  12. Sorry! I didn't want to end my quiz on question number 13! (That's the witches number!)

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