Rifle Hunting Quiz

There are many smart people in the world are you one of them. A great hunter is hard to come by but i think someone who is taking this quiz is the man and so are just a laugh waiting to happen

This is a quiz that will test your know how, some people think they are the best hunter in the world, well prove it smarty. If you ace this quiz than you are the man and should be able to kill as many deer as you want, but if you don't do so go try and try again

Created by: Steve Basnett

  1. The best scope for shooting in extremely low light conditions as is most shots
  2. So there you are with your gummed up rifle that won't shoot you should
  3. All other thing being equal, long barreled rifles shoot moreaccurately than a short barreled gun
  4. The fastest sights of all for picking up a target are, open iron sights
  5. a good target shooter isn't necessarily a good hunter
  6. Plugging both ends of a rifle barrel when not hunting to keep moisture out and prevent rust
  7. You're following a very fresh buck track in soft snowwhen you raise your head up you see a buck at 50 yards walking away, in another few seconds it will walk into the brush you should
  8. You drop your gun and it lands on the scope, there alot of shooting going on around you, you should
  9. A buck of a lifetime is 350 yards away sneaking across a winter wheat field, you have never taken a shot this long before, but you know that your 7 mag is sighted in 3 inches high with a 180 grain bullet and it will drop 5 inches low at 300 yards, you sho
  10. You're hunting on a bitter cold day and get a shot at a deer, but when you pull the trigger, you hear a click instead of bang, after waiting for 10 second, you eject the cartridge from your rifle and see that theres a dent in the primer, what is going on

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