Hunting for Food

There are many smart people but few people know evrything there is to know about hunting. Do you know everything ther is to know? Are you a true genius?

Are you a genius? Do you know everything there is to know about hunting? Can you answer all ten questions correctly? Try this quiz and see. Do you know about hunting.

Created by: Matt of Hunting for Food
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  1. What was the first type of society?
  2. Sport Hunting is wasteful.
  3. People who sport hunt use the animals meat.
  4. Which of the following animals havent been endangered?
  5. What is the name of the animal rights group?
  6. Most Sport hunters carefully follow regulations.
  7. What is the least hunted animal( by sport hunters), but the most populated?
  8. Do you feel sport hunting is right?
  9. What is the main use of animals killed by sport hunters?
  10. Other than food what use did anciant hunters get from the animals killed.

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