Are you a hunting ethics nazi?

Hunting methods vary from person to person, region to region. Some are okay with that....others don't think it's fair, or think it's harmful for the image of hunting.

Are you an ethics nazi? Do you want to see more legislation involved in hunting regulations? Take this test to find out just how much nazi you have in you.

Created by: Sneaky

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  1. Assuming CWD is not an issue, would you make the use of food attractants for hunting deer illegal if given the chance?
  2. Do you think that either scents OR calls gives an unfair advantage to deer hunters?
  3. Do you think hunting over a man-made food plot is an unfair advantage for a deer hunter to utilize?
  4. If it were up to you, would you make a law that sets a maximum range that bowhunters are allowed to shoot at game?
  5. If you could, would you make your state a bowhunting only state?
  6. Is it ethical to hunt odd animals such as elephants, big cats, or monkeys?
  7. Is it ethical to take only the choice cuts of meat off of an animal you shoot, and leave the rest for scavengers?
  8. Would you vote for Hillary Clinton in the upcoming election?
  9. Would it be crossing the line for a game warden to issue a citation for a hunter that shoots game 1 minute before legal shooting hours?
  10. Assuming CWD is not an issue, should high-fenced hunting operations be against the law?
  11. If someone was driving through their property, spotted a deer, stuck a rifle out their window and shot that deer, would that be unethical even if it's legal?

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Quiz topic: Am I a hunting ethics nazi?