Review of Business Ethics

This quiz to see if you understand the topic of business ethics. What is business ethics? What is considered to be unethical? These are the types of questions you will be asked.

This quiz is for a graduate class assignment. Its meant to review what was learned from a 50-55 minute lesson to be taught to high school age children.

Created by: Shemeka
  1. What is the definition of ethics? (BCS-BE-11)
  2. Work ethics are
  3. Should a gas station owner be allowed to charge $8.00 a gallon, if his store is the only store with gas? (BCS-BE-11)
  4. Ethical character traits include integrity, honesty, and justice. (BSC-BE-12)
  5. A cashier intentionally giving the customer less change than the customer deserves is: (BCS-BE-12)
  6. Business Code of Ethics define acceptable behavior and promote high standards of practice. (BCS-BE-13)
  7. Business Code of Ethics (BCS-BE-13)
  8. A corporate director who bought that company's stock when he knew it was about to jump up in price committed fraud by buying while not disclosing his inside information. (BCS-BE-14)
  9. Computer hacking can be used to steal credit card information, government information, information on private citizens, and a host of other types of information. (BCS-BE-15)
  10. Copyright infringement (BCS-BE-15)

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