The Room 5 University Bachelor of Business

Do you believe you are cut out for business, Room Fivian? Have you taken the course in Business? If you have this your final assessment for your degree!

Take the test and submit answers. After doing so, the Supervisor should write down your result and you are done! Remember the abbreviation to write behing your name!

Created by: Christopher Jury
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  1. The currency of Room 5 is the....
  2. Companies are currently illegal in Room 5.
  3. The name of the central bank and only commercial bank of Room 5 is....
  4. The business which takes people's money and keeps it safe and as well as paying interest and making loans is a........
  5. The largest industry in room 5 is the......
  6. What makes Room 5 customers make their buying decision?
  7. What is inflation?
  8. What is the CWI?
  9. What does the CWI stand for?
  10. What is most requested service in Room 5 currently?
  11. What industry is forecast by the Bank of Wellington to be greatly profitable if created?

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