Make it Your Business

If you want to take the first steps to becoming your own boss, you could receive a range of free business advice and one-to-one support. We can help with: Business start up advice and guidance Idea generating workshops Your own personal business mentor Business skills training Sales and marketing assistance Advice on accessing finance, skills and specialist equipment Help in finding the right premises or business Services include ongoing one-to-one support with qualified and experienced business advisors.

The BiG programme isn't just for people wanting to set up a new business, it's also for those already in business who need more support and guidance. You could be looking to expand your business, explore new markets, trade overseas or perhaps you need to stabilize your business. Think BiG and find out how we can help!

Created by: Nick
  1. Do you enjoy art?
  2. Do you like to cook?
  3. Do you shop online?
  4. Do you have any pets?
  5. Do you like to read?
  6. What is your favourite drink?
  7. Do you enjoy your job?
  8. Would you consider opening your own business?
  9. Have you heard of BiG: Make it Your Business?
  10. Have you enjoyed the quiz?

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