Can You Survive in the Asian Business World?

Are you ready to do business in the far east? This quiz should help you determine just that. Answer all questions to the best of you ability, and remember that there may not always be one correct answer, but there is always a best answer.

Take this quiz. Have a good time and maybe learn something. It isn't the most sophisticated one out there, but it has been known to give you a decently accurate idea of you aptitude in Asian business.

Created by: Alex
  1. In negotiations are you..
  2. When giving a gift during business proceedings what is most appropriate?
  3. Which of the following is most important about companies, Asian companies do business with?
  4. Which of the following is not part of the exchange of business cards?
  5. If invited to the home of someone you are negotiating with. You should...
  6. When is it likely that most of the crucial business negotiations will take place?
  7. What is the most important aspect to a business relationship?
  8. If the negotiator decides to not do business with you, and picks another Asian company instead, this is most likely because?
  9. How important is knowing the Japanese language?
  10. When speaking to negotiators it is important to...

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive in the Asian Business World?