How Asian Are You?

There are Asians and there are some who aren't.Some Asians maybe Asian ethnically but not in their heart.Some are Asian inside out.Some who aren't ethnically Asian are in their heart.What are you? The truth is this quiz

This Quiz is to see if you are Asian or not.Only losersand Asian hater don't take this quiz.If you aren't going to take the test, then click away!Remember,this may be a reminder to be more asian.

Created by: Billy
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  1. You like Hondas?
  2. What Color is Your Hair
  3. You Ever Watch Any Japanese Anime?
  4. With What Do You Eat With?
  5. Who Would You Have As A Bodyguard?
  6. Do You Dance? If You Do,What Kind?
  7. Someone Pushes You While You Walk.What Do You Do?
  8. What Car Would You Choose?
  9. Do You Know What A Pickura Is?
  10. If You Are a Boy, What Kind Of Hairstyle Do You Have?
  11. How Many Cousins Do You Have?
  12. There Is A Rebellion Going On,What Do You Do?
  13. How Much Cups of Whiskey Makes You Drunk?
  14. Your Dad Yells At You In Public,What Do You Do?
  15. What Do You Eat For Breakfast?

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Quiz topic: How Asian am I?