What Mystical Creature are You? (Asia)

Welcome, Friendly Wanderer. I am Master Zen, here to help you understand yourself better, and achieve great oneness with yourself. Something you must understand when taking Master Zen’s quiz is that you must answer honestly.

Master Zen has also made quizzes other than this one. If you would like to learn more about yourself, check out the What Will You Reincarnate As? quiz. Good luck on your journeys, Traveler.

Created by: Master Zen
  1. What is your first reaction to Master Zen(me)?
  2. What emotion are you feeling right now?
  3. Someone has left their golden chopsticks, you:
  4. Pick an Asian dish
  5. Now pick a typical Asian drink
  6. Which word sounds the prettiest
  7. You go outside on a clear night and see stars, your thoughts?
  8. On your free time, you can be found:
  9. Something you’ve always wanted be more of, is:
  10. Every time you close your eyes you see:
  11. You see a simple bowl of white rice, it needs:
  12. Your rice is ready to be eaten, you get:
  13. One thing I can’t live without is:
  14. Imagine a world where mankind lives on the petals of a flower, what flower are you living on?
  15. Pick an ancient element
  16. Congratulations Friendly Traveler, you have made it to the last question. How do you feel about the results you are about to get?

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Quiz topic: What Mystical Creature am I? (Asia)