Which continent should you live on?

So you think you're in the right place? Maybe you are, maybe not. Only one way to be certain, though...So take the quiz and find out if your more European than you thought, or maybe Asian?

Of course the quiz is based ont he most current info I've got, so if the EU dissolves tomorrow, or North America sprouts another country, what I'm saying is its totally not my fault, or my quiz's.

Created by: Ross
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. People...
  2. If you had to have your home known for something it would be...
  3. You have some friends over to stay the wekend. Upon arrival they say...
  4. For fun you like to...
  5. Your advice to others who want to visit you?
  6. Every place has it's problems. Yours might be?
  7. We've all tought about visiting of course, but got any hard sellers to make us come by?
  8. Who would you say is the best representative of your good side?
  9. And your worst representative?
  10. Most important thing to preserve?
  11. Thoughts on government?
  12. Everyone likes music? Yours is...
  13. How about art?
  14. Finally: Food?

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Quiz topic: Which continent should I live on?