Could You Live in China?

I have only lived in China for a little over 18 months...but I believe to cut it, you have to be willing to do a lot of things differently...and throw your expectations out the window!

Do you have what it takes to live here? Hell, do you even have what it takes to visit? Or should you seriously consider staying away from the continent of Asia altogether?

Created by: Belle乐台
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  1. Are you a vegetarian?
  2. Are you willing to use a "squatter" toilet?
  3. Are you willing to throw your toilet paper into a can instead of flushing it?
  4. Are you a self-conscious person?
  5. How much do you care about brand names on things that you wear/accessories?
  6. Are you a sound sleeper, or do noises wake you up?
  7. Are you claustrophobic? Do large crowds freak you out?
  8. Can you live without a clothes dryer?
  9. Can you deal without fitted sheets or a "top sheet"?
  10. Does the sound of fireworks scare you?
  11. Are you grossed out by seeing people randomly relieve themselves in public?
  12. Do you like to play drinking games? How about playing dice games?
  13. Do you think bare baby bottoms are adorable?
  14. Can you speak Chinese?
  15. Can you handle public transportation?
  16. Can you ride a bicycle?
  17. Are you willing to go to more than one place to do your weekly shopping?
  18. Are you willing to have to sign a contract for at least one year wherever you work? And not be able to do the easy two-week notice bit?
  19. How patient of a person are you?
  20. Do you enjoy watching movies?
  21. Do you smoke?
  22. Do you like to eat at KFC? (Kentucky Fried case you have been living under a rock)
  23. How many flights of stairs are you willing to walk up to get to your home?
  24. Does seeing what you will have for dinner while it is still alive freak you out?
  25. Are you willing to use a shower that is not enclosed?
  26. Are you a larger size than average when it comes to shoes/clothes?
  27. Do you like to (at least sometimes) eat street food in the wee hours?
  28. Can you bargain?
  29. Do you take your shoes off when you enter your own or someone else's home?
  30. How well can you accept/roll with last-minute, totally unexpected changes?
  31. Are you willing to have your big yearly holiday in February?
  32. Is your hair anything besides straight?
  33. Do you understand that when someone says, "I love you," they may not always be as serious as you think they are?
  34. Can you function without an oven?
  35. Can you live without hot water in your kitchen?...and possibly ALL of your sinks?
  36. Can you live without central air?
  37. Do you think that Chinese food is just fried rice and mu shu pork etc.?
  38. Do you have Skype installed on your computer?

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