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  • Got a Chinese pen pal, visited her once, not that bad, quite cool, when it comes to food, cause you could buy fishballs, shaomai, some of yummy Chinese snacks.

    Hong Kong is better, they speak more NORMAL English, and is Westernized,so quite modern.

  • just in case anyone was wondering...:

    1) they do have wal-mart in some cities in china

    2) appt buildings usually have elevators.

    3) toilets with gold tiles and air-conditioning DO exist.

    4) chinese people can speak other languages.

    5) not all babies go around baring their butts

    6) people do not usually pee in open streets (kids might)

    7) each part of china has it's own special delicacies

    China's not a bad place to visit. it's really quite beautiful. i should know because i've been there countless times.

  • I live in a tiny village of 100 people in Yunnan. This is not accurate

  • Is somebody here can teach me a chinese lang.?


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