How Tao Art Thou?

"Taoists come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders, nationalities...but what IS a Taoist? One of the "Big Three" native belief systems of China, Taoism (pronounced "dow-ism") concerns itself with living a balanced, healthy, and invigorating life through its philosophy and practices such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and T'ai Chi (Taiji)."

"Are YOU a Taoist? Does your life follow the Way, or do you blindly grope through life hoping to find a safe shelter from the storm? Until now, you'd need to go to China and petition to enroll in a Taoist temple to find out...but thanks to this clever little quiz, in just a few minutes you can discover how Tao you are!"

What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
What is your gender?
How much of the Tao Te Ching have you read?
The Tao Te WHAT?
A little bit...
About half of it...
Almost all of it
The entire thing
I carry it with me
Given a choice, you'd rather live -
Near an ocean, lake, or stream
In a major city
In a suburb of a major city
On top of a mountain
You collect a lot of "stuff" and have quite a few boxes full of it in your house / apartment.
Oh, yeah - I'm a collector!
I save a few things - important papers, old photos, etc.
I'm living in a cardboard box, because my stuff has taken over my space
I don't have much extra
I simplify my life - no excess baggage
When you want to relax, you usually...
Go out to the bar and get "happy"
Stay home and get "happy"
Go out dancing or to a movie
Stay home and watch TV
Stay home and read
Cruise the 'Net
How many close friends do you have?
One or two
A few
Maybe a dozen
Can't count them all
You love following political campaigns and constantly keep up with the political scene.
Totally NOT interested
A little - just local stuff
I stay on top of national politics
I'm aware of global politics
I'm a political junkie - can't get enough
Your dream personal vehicle would be...
A Ferrari
A tank
A gas-sipping econo-car
A bicycle
My two feet
Your personal clothing style...
Flashy, trendy, and HOT!
I buy designer names ONLY!
I usually wear what looks good on me
I buy clothes for their utility, not their looks
I buy most of my clothes at the Salvation Army
I don't wear clothes - ever...
You have Googled the words "Tao", "Taoism", or "Taoist".
I think I did, a long time ago
I did, and still occasionally do
A lot - and visit the resulting links
Quite a lot - and save the links
Google position #1 is MY site
Given the choice of pet, you would pick...
A dog
A cat
A monkey
No pets - they burden you
I'm allergic to animals
When you encounter a life problem, your normal response is...
Calmly examine my options, then act
Calmly examine my options, then DON'T act
I just breeze through life
I don't GET problems - I GIVE them
I rarely have problems of any kind
I let things happen in their own way and time
You are...
Alternative lifestyle
A monk / nun
A recluse
You enjoy laughing at good jokes and funny stories, and are more apt to laugh at life's problems than cry.
No- I cry constantly
I sob once in a while
I'm fairly even-Steven on problems
I chuckle a lot
I laugh quite a bit
I'm a screaming comedy machine
Your ideal execise would be...
Sitting on the couch eating chips and watching TV
Going for a short walk
Working out at the gym
Any kind of team sport
Mind/body style - yoga, taiji...
I'm a workout maniac - every minute I get
You chatter constantly, whether on-line or in the "real world". You have a tough time staying silent.
Oh, yeah - that's me!
I only talk a little with friends and family
I don't talk much - to anyone, anywhere
I think I'm moderate in talking
I enjoy and need my silence
I don't talk - at all.
You believe in the efficiency of alternative medicines like herbs, acupuncture, and chiropractic.
Yes - definitely!
Only when my doctor can't help me
Once in a while - just for curiosity's sake
I wouldn't go NEAR that garbage!
I heal myself.
I'm an alternative medicine practitioner
Your overall view of life is...
It stinks - can't wait to get out of it
It has its ups and downs
I enjoy it, usually, except when problems arise - then I hate life
Life is what you make it.
I enjoy life all the time!
Life, death - all the same...
You consider yourself a Taoist, or at least having Taoist tendencies.
No, not at all.
Just a little.
I guess I could be labeled as a Taoist.
Oh, yes - I enjoy the Taoist way of living!
I'm hard-core Tao!
Labels are SO confining...

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