How emo art thou?

Emo. The cliched overused sterotypical term. But what is it? It is the over indulgence of ones feelings. It is the love of emo music. It is wearing an excessive amount of black. among other things.

But are YOU emo? Have you been called one and not sure if they were right? Did you have the burning sensation that you are indeed emo. Do you NEED to know? Well Take this quiz and you will find out.

Created by: Colin

  1. Do you think about death?
  2. Which band do you prefer?
  3. Do you have lots of friends?
  4. Do you wear black?
  5. Do you or would you consider yourself bisexual?
  6. Who is "The Man"?
  7. Who are The Rites of Spring to you?
  8. Who is Davey Havoc?
  9. Are you emo?
  10. Finish the lyrics: "When I was a young boy, my father took me into the city, to see a..."

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