Avatar: The Last Airbender easy

This quiz is all about avatar thou the first season til the day of black sun in the third season. Basically all you need to know is the very basics. It is really really easy except a questin or two.

These are pretty easy ounce your done try my harder ones. Hope you enjoy this quiz and have lots of fun with it. If their are errors please tell me but i don't think there are any

Created by: jake

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  1. Book 1:What does Katara call his grandma
  2. King Bumi gave how many challenges to Aang
  3. Were their airbenders at the southern air temple
  4. Who does Sokka like in "The Kyoshi Warriors"
  5. In "The Water Bending Scroll" What does Katara steal from the pirates
  6. In Imprisoned who does Katara fall in love with
  7. Do the fire nation defeat the Northern Water tribe in the first season finale
  8. Book 2: Does the earth kindom general in the first episode get Aang into the Avatar state
  9. In the Blind Bandit who joins Aang and the group
  10. In The Chase who does the group, Zuko, and Iroh all gang up on in the end of the episode
  11. In The Drill does the drill get all the way though the outer wall
  12. Who takes Appa while the gang except toph went into the library
  13. Who is the earth king's highest advisor
  14. True or False: Aang defeated Azula in the finale
  15. Book 3: Where does Aang wake up at the begining of the third season
  16. What does Aang use to cover his arrow
  17. What kind of speacial bending does Katara learn
  18. In the Painted Lady who becomes the painted lady
  19. How long is the eclipse
  20. Who won the battle in the day of the black sun Sorry for any misspellings i hope you enjoyed this

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