What avatar the last airbender element are you?

Have you ever wondered, while watching Avatar:The Last Airbender, which nation you would belong to if randomly sucked into that world? Well now you can find out! Please, if you don't get the one you wanted, be upset, this is just a fun quiz. Happy quizzing!!

Are you from the Watertribe? Or maybe the Earth kingdom? Which ever element you lean towards, this quiz can tell you now! Come on! You know you want to!! Find out your element: RIGHT NOW!!!!

Created by: caitlin
  1. What is your favourite colour?
  2. The best type of fighting is:
  3. Which avatar boy is the most attractive?
  4. Which avatar girl is the most attractive?
  5. An elite type of bending which you would love to learn is:
  6. Your favourite avatar ship (relationship) is:
  7. Your friends would say you are:
  8. You admire this person the most:
  9. Your perfect master would be:
  10. You are on a submarine, your thoughts are:
  11. You are made Firelord. You are feeling:
  12. You would describe your appearance as:
  13. Your favourite animal in avatar is:
  14. Your favourite time of year is:
  15. Your favourite food is:
  16. Ty-lee asks you out. You say:
  17. Zuko asks you out. You say:
  18. You want to be:
  19. You are looking forward to the end of this quiz:

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Quiz topic: What avatar the last airbender element am I?