How JJ's are you?

There are bunches people in the world. Many of these people live in the United States. Many of these people live in Ohio. A lot are in Northwest Ohio. Some live in Perrysburg. Only a few dance at JJ's.

How JJ's are you? Are you hot, or not? Do you know where the third toilet is? Can you perform with a paper bag on your head? Are you cat or dog? Take this quiz to recognize!!!

Created by: JJ
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  1. What's your favorite dance style?
  2. What are your feelings on tights?
  3. How do you feel about dance groups singing on stage?
  4. Unicorn...
  5. What are those little half-leotard things that you wear under dance dresses called?
  6. Which dance competition has the worst judging panel?
  7. Which dance competition has the best judging panel... or, and least has one judge that is so amazingly cool?
  8. What is one menu item from the local carnival that you will never, ever eat, but you may kick around sometime and then throw away in the trash?
  9. Where are small flags stored?
  10. When waking up in the afternoon, what is the last thing that you typically want?
  11. In the history of dance and dance recitals, the greatest ever all out battle between tap and jazz dancers occurred in...
  12. What is an appropriate prop for a dance performed to the song "Wipe Out"?
  13. Who is the hidden king of rock & roll?
  14. If you have two skirts...
  15. The robot...

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Quiz topic: How JJ's am I?