Where are you apt to live at?

Where are you destined to live at in the future? Who knows, maybe you may use this quiz to figure out where you want to live. Many people have a hard time trying to pick where they want to live, and maybe you are one of them. Try it and have fun!!!

Thanks for coming and taking the quiz. I am loving you for it, and maybe you can come back soon, I hope you have will have an enjoyable time with were you are to live even if it is just for fun. Thanks, quiz maker.

Created by: loveanimals
  1. How much money do you have?
  2. What job do you have?
  3. What animal would you be?
  4. What is your name?
  5. Pick a #.
  6. Pick one
  7. Pick one
  8. What state would you like to live in?
  9. What is your hobby?
  10. Where would you live?

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Quiz topic: Where am I apt to live at?