Where will you live?

There are many states to chose from want to know where you will live then take this quiz it will tell you if you will live in florida montana pennsylvania california or maryland click take the quiz if you really want to take this quiz thank you!

Do you know what state you will live in?Well do you wanna find out ok then take the quiz it will tell you what state you line in and tell you the climate of that state if it is subtropical or not subtropical and if has damaging storms to your home take the quiz!

Created by: Mason
  1. Do you like hot,warm,or cold weather?
  2. Are you scared of hurricanes?
  3. Do you like snow?
  4. Would you rather go to the beach,skiing,or riding horses?
  5. Do you want to move to the southeast,northeast,southwest,or northwest?
  6. Do you like mountains?
  7. Are you scared of tornadoes?
  8. Do you like rainy weather?
  9. Do you like water?
  10. Are you ready to find out wher you will live?

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Quiz topic: Where will I live?