Where in the world should you go and live?

Ever wondered what is your perfect country or city? It doesn't matter if you don't go and live there but it might be nice to go and visit or maybe you already have...

I made this quiz using only places I have been to, which is slightly limited but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I've been all over Europe, Bali, South America and of course I live in Australia. HAVE FUN with my quiz!

Created by: Isabel
  1. What is better?
  2. What environment?
  3. What can't you stand?
  4. What do you love in a home?
  5. What food?
  6. Would you prefer to have lots of money in a really poor 3rd world country or not so much in a more upper class country?
  7. What did you last do?
  8. When you grow up, what would you most prefer to be?
  9. Are you a fan of nature or cities?
  10. What do you like the sound of more, while you are in bed?
  11. What landmark would you most like to visit?
  12. What languages do you speak?

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Quiz topic: Where in the world should I go and live?