Will you live if I take over the world?

Should I ever plan to take over the world and somehow manage to do so I will end up killing off all those I deam unfit for life. It is not based on race or religion, although those questions due come up they do not affect your chances of survival enough to change whether you live or die...

Do you think you will live to see The Great Nation of Ronistan at its height? Do you think you honestly have what it takes? It isn't likely you get to live. Find out if you will now...

Created by: Ron

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Are you an individual thinker?
  2. What is/was your highschool GPA?
  3. Your type of Music-
  4. I am againts gay relationships-
  5. I like Bush-
  6. I follow the News-
  7. I am Racist
  8. I would oppose a military takeover
  9. I am a Devout Christian/Jew/Muslim/ect.-
  10. I fear change-
  11. I am shallow
  12. You would speak out if my government was corrupt and over-powerful
  13. I am a suck-up
  14. Nerds/Emo's/Punk Kid's/Band Geeks are losers-
  15. Which makes the most sense-
  16. What group did you belong to in highschool-
  17. I think this survey is stupid as hell-

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Quiz topic: Will I live if I take over the world?