What religion do you worship

Ever thought of joining a bizarre religion, sure everyone has heard of the main ones such as Christianity, Judaism, Islam but what about the absolutely ludicrous ones, that you would never even consider joining but still manage to have hundred of thousands of followers which religion should you belong to.

Do you have a sacred code of ethics, morals, culture, interests and behavior that should be its own religion, convert your life experience into a religion and thanks to this great quiz perhaps one day people might worship you

Created by: Philip Cheng
  1. If your religion had a patron saint what would he most likely represent
  2. Before dying who would you rather have in your room
  3. When do you pray the most
  4. What sounds most familiar to you
  5. Where does my deity resonate
  6. What is Forbidden in your religion
  7. What are your sacred colours
  8. My Leader was best known for
  9. What Miracles has your religion accomplished
  10. Why would people doubt your religion

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Quiz topic: What religion do I worship