How much into religion are you?

There are those people that are too much into religion and those who don't care. Being in the extremes is usually not a good thing. Try to be at a balance so you have a "normal" life.

Have you wanted to know how much into religion are you? Have people said you were either not enough or too much into religion? Are you strict or loose with your religion? This will tell you! (This quiz is not intended to be discriminatory in any way.)

Created by: James1011R
  1. When do you utilize church services?
  2. How often do you pray to your god of choice?
  3. How often do you read your religion's holy text?
  4. Would you ever show-off your achievements?
  5. How extreme are you with your religion?
  6. Would you ever try to convert people?
  7. How do you dress for church services?
  8. How do you take religious holidays?
  9. What do you believe about your god?
  10. Does your religion inconvenience you?
  11. Religion has what priority for you?
  12. Rate your religion on the Awesomeness Scale. (50=neutral)
  13. Is religion fun?
  14. How stringent are you with religious practices?
  15. Would you drop whatever you were doing for anything religious?
  16. How much do you think you are into religion?

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Quiz topic: How much into religion am I?