Religion: Section 2 (8th grade) Midterm (Kolbe Academy)

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This is a practice and review for the real Religion Midterm for Semester 2. You have chosen the right choice to review and study for the Second Semester Midterm.

Do you know all the facts in the Religion Midterm? I hope you do! Test your knowledge and determine if you have the brains enough to complete the Religion MIDTERM!

Created by: Anna

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  1. What is the importance of family in society?
  2. What is stewardship?
  3. What are the duties of a Christian Citizen
  4. What are the four sins that cry for vengance
  5. What is patriotism?
  6. What is the Church's conditions for a war to be just?
  7. What is the Old Law? (Hint-the Ten Commandments)
  8. What is the New Law? (Hint- Papal Teaching)
  9. What are Ecclesiastical Laws?
  10. What are the Seven Last Words?
  11. What is the public worship of the Church?
  12. What does the public worship of the Church consist of?
  13. What are the Sacraments?
  14. How do you prepare for a Holy Death?
  15. What sacrament(s) did Jesus institute at the Last Supper?
  16. What Sacraments are lifelines of Catholic Church?
  17. What are the four qualities of the glorified body?
  18. What is the quality that a glorified body has: "having spiritual nature in the spiritual body"?
  19. What is the quality that a glorified body has: "no experience of pain"?
  20. What is the quality that a glorified body has: "the ability to get around faster and easier"?
  21. What is the quality that a glorified body has: "free from deformity"?
  22. What is purgatory?
  23. What is a sacramental?

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