Biol 200b midterm 2 review

This quiz was made in order to help me and my friends study for our biology midterm on Monday. This is a review to show each individual taking the quiz where they need to focus on.

How well do you think you know your biology? Hopefully this quiz will help you to know where you need to study more. By the time you finish this quiz, you will know a good amount of what is needed to know for the midterm.

Created by: marc

  1. Which is not a type of general sense?
  2. The difference between a somatic and visceral sense is...
  3. True or False. Smell, sight, sound, taste, and balance are all types of general senses.
  4. Smell/Taste are detected by chemoreceptors, while sound/balance is detected by...
  5. The thin mucous membrane the covers the anterior ey and posterior eyelid is the...
  6. Which extrinsic eye muscle is not controlled by the Oculomotor Nerve?
  7. The Trochlear nerve CN IV, controls which eye muscle?
  8. Which is not a characteristic of the retina?
  9. The area behind the lens also called the...
  10. The most important feature of the lens is...
  11. Photoreceptor layers, bipolar layers, and ganglionic cells are layres of...
  12. Which is not a characteristic of rods?
  13. The release of glutamate, which causes IPSPs is a result of
  14. Which is not a color-sensitive pigment to cones?
  15. True or False. The lateral visual field is detected by the medial part of the retina.
  16. Which region of structures is incorrect?
  17. Which structure first detects the vibration of sound?
  18. Pitch, due to frequency of sound waves has a range of...
  19. The structure(s) most involve with balance in the the inner ear is..
  20. Olfaction is the sense of...
  21. After the olfactory neurons send processes of smell through the cribiform plate, it then enters the...
  22. Which is not a major type of papillae in the mouth?
  23. True or false. The taste bud for bitterness is located on the back of the tongue to protect ourselves from consuming harmful substances
  24. Which is not a function of the endocrine system?
  25. Which is not an endocrine gland?
  26. Which of the following is NOT water soluble?
  27. Which statement of the patterns of secretion is incorrect?
  28. Which hormones have a longer half-life? (Half-life: the length of time it takes to remove half the amount of the hormone from circulation)
  29. This must be present in order for a hormone to act on a cell
  30. The neurohypophysis releases these hormones, EXCEPT:
  31. The anterior pituitary is composed of all of the following except:
  32. Which is not a function of the pituitary gland?
  33. Which is not a hormone of the anterior pituitary?
  34. Which hormone results in an inhibitory effect?
  35. Which may cause the release of TRH, TSH, and thyroid hormone?
  36. Calcitonin is released by the...
  37. True or False. Hypercalcemia causes decreased permeability of membranes to sodium, resulting in inflammation
  38. Calcitonin...

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