Spanish Midterm Quiz

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Created by: Rachel

  1. What does irse mean?
  2. ___ ___ preocupes means "Don't worry."
  3. To hurry is
  4. Tranquillo(a) means
  5. In Spanish "to remember" is
  6. Poder in the tu form is
  7. Poder in the vosotros form is
  8. Traje is what form of Traer?
  9. Traer in the ud., el, ella form is
  10. What does traer mean?
  11. What is the yo ending of an -ar verb in imperfecto?
  12. What 3 verbs are irregular in imperfecto?
  13. What is one thing imperfecto is used for?
  14. What is the yo form of Ver in imperfecto?
  15. What is happening to the action in imperfecto?
  16. What form is "setting the scene" a part of
  17. What does jugar mean?
  18. Dolls in spanish is
  19. What is "to fight" in spanish?
  20. What does "jugar con bloques" mean?
  21. A gossip is
  22. What is curiso(a)?
  23. If a person is a solitario(a), they are a person who
  24. If a child is Spain wanted to be an astronaut, they would say they wanted to be a
  25. Tag is spanish is
  26. Hace + time expression + ___ + a verb in the present tense.
  27. Hace + dos anos + que + blah blah blah, mean
  28. Steak with onions is
  29. Pagar la cuenta means
  30. Rico(a) means
  31. El te is what type of drink
  32. Drinks are
  33. Dejar la propina means to leave a what?
  34. La carne asada is
  35. El surido de frutas frescas means
  36. A mersero is a
  37. What is the first thing a waiter askes?
  38. If the customer wants to order something what do they say?
  39. What should the waiter ask if the customer might want more to order?
  40. If the customer doesn't want anything else what should they say?

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