TAKS 8th Grade S.S. Review

This quiz was developed to help some of our top 8th grade students review information before the Texas state social studies test. It was intended to push those students to strive for COMMENDED.

This format does not allow graphs, charts, maps and political cartoons that will be on the state test. However, the questions attempt to cover the time periods that will be tested.

Created by: Mrs. Bush
  1. Which political party was formed after the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act and tried to stop the spread of slavery?
  2. Dred Scott believed that he
  3. What event marked the official beginning of the Civil War?
  4. What did border states have in common?
  5. The ironclad was a type of
  6. The United States acquired Texas in 1845 by
  7. From what you read about the Fugitive Slave Act, you can conclude that -
  8. How were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other women treated unfairly at the 1840 World's Anti-Slavery meeting in London, England?
  9. Who is considered the most daring conductor of the Underground Railroad?
  10. The movement to end slavery was called -
  11. Who invented the steel-bladed plow?
  12. The Lowell system was the practice of hiring -
  13. Eli Whitney was credited with which of the following?
  14. Which is an example of a textile?
  15. The Industrial Revolution can BEST be defined as a -
  16. The purpose of the Indian Removal Act was to remove Native Americans who lived -
  17. What is Henry Clay's "American System"?
  18. The Adams-Onis Treaty of 1819 settled U.S. border disputes with -
  19. Which leader was a United States was hero in the Battle of New Orleans?
  20. Which Native American leader was defeated and killed in the Battle of the Thames?
  21. After the Battle of Lake Erie, what leader sent a message to William Henry Harrison saying, "We have met the enemy and they are ours."
  22. In August of 1814 the British -
  23. A judicial review allows the Supreme Court to -
  24. The Whiskey Rebellion was an uprising caused by -
  25. The relationship between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson can BEST be described as -
  26. Thomas Jefferson's view that the Constitution should be followed specifically was known as -
  27. In Washington's Farewell Address, which of the following was NOT part of his advice to the nation?
  28. Which is NOT a freedom included in the rights of the First Amendment?
  29. The Great Compromise gave -
  30. The Federalist Papers purpose was to -

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