Can You Pass 7th Grade?

7th grade... are your memories of ancient civilizations and complex equations or of chewing gum and pranking your teacher? Many people don't expect much from 7th graders, they are considered too immature to share your great knowledge. Well, do you ever wonder, is this as true as you think?

What do you remember from your 7th grade days? Eager to prove to your son or daughter that you went through 7th grade too, and you actually passed? Take this test to convince not only your children but the rest of the world that you have what it takes to pass 7th grade.

Created by: Lena62
  1. What is the answer to this equation... -17 = m + 6
  2. What does infared light do?
  3. What is the meaning of the word 'recalcitrant'?
  4. Which one of these was NOT a leading contribution to the European decline of feudalism?
  5. What is the order of operations?
  6. What is a ligament?
  7. Approximately how long should a summary be?
  8. What is the Qur'an?
  9. What is the absolute value of a number?
  10. What is the scientific definition of a controlled experiment?
  11. What is hyperbole?
  12. What feature's influence most made Ghana's location ideal for trade?
  13. Which demonstrates the communative property?
  14. Which of these is NOT a domain used for scientific classification?
  15. What is the possessive form of students?
  16. What was the capital during Japan's Golden Age?

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Quiz topic: Can I Pass 7th Grade?