guess you're grade

Did u ever wonder if any one could guess you're grade that dosn't even know you? well here is you're chance to find out! I hope you like my quiz and don't to rate this quiz p.s. avalible for all ages

Take the quiz! find out what people think of YOU'RE grade i put together thoughts of every grade so if you take the test you can see if people think you are nice or a big meanie! P.s. avalible for all ages

Created by: ashlyn

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what is a fun activity to you on a Friday on?
  2. do you belive in santa?
  3. which website do you like more?
  4. what is you're favorite color?
  5. during the holidays do you like spending time with you're family?
  6. what do all of these abreviations mean? BRB,LOL,IDK!
  7. do you have a wii
  8. do you know how to work a digital camra?
  9. what is you're favorite kind of music?
  10. How did u like this quiz

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