Do you know fifth grade math?

There are many who would pass this test but some just are too cocky. dont be the cocky part. this is fifth grade math, not second.Please excuse me. this site is difficult to passby and this has been a challenge.

Do you cocky dudes still think you know fifth grade math now? It may be harder than you thought. Fifth grade is just the beginning. dun dun dun! I hope you don't think it is to difficult so you dont finnish.

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  1. What is Pi to the second decimel place.
  2. What is the square route of 490?
  3. What is the area of a right triangle measuring 3x7x9? (You may use paper)
  4. What is 3476x3645? (You may use paper)
  5. According to experts the first 4 moves in a chess game can be played in 197299 totally different ways. If it takes 30 seconds to make one move, how long would it take one player to try every possible set of 4 moves?
  6. In the first year of production a play sells 1572 tickets, in its second year it sells 1753 tickets, in its third year it sells 152 less than in its second year. How many tickets are sold in 3 years?
  7. bug is walking across the doorstep of a house. When he starts out he is facing the house at the opposite side of the doorstep. If he goes 3 units left, 1 unit right, 2 units left, 8 units left, what will the bug have to do to get back where he started as
  8. How many pounds eaqual 2.75 tons?
  9. What is the volume of a cube measuring 3x3x3?
  10. What is the circumferance of a circle with a diameter of 6.3. (use paper and pi to the second decimel place.

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Quiz topic: Do I know fifth grade math?