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Over the years I have had many different teachers, and I can't help but wonder: How do other people stack up? Sometimes I'll meet someone and after a couple minutes I'll say "You know, you remind me of my 8th grade math teacher" or "You're the spitting image of my 6th grade homeroom teacher." I've been able to narrow the teacher catergories down to 12, but since I'm pressed for time there are only 6 results.

So... which of my teachers are you? are you the crabby or nice or totally awesome one? Or someone else? What will your pupils think of you when you quit/retire from your teaching job? Take the Teacher quiz and find out!

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A girl taking your class is wearing a low cut shirt and a very short skirt. What do you do?
Nothing. I don't care.
Give her a disdainful look.
Go over and tower over her pretending to look at what she's writing. YAY TITTIES!
If she's failing, yell at her. If she's an A-student, go over to talk to your best friend.
Notice that I'm wearing the exact same outfit.
Another student in your homeroom is reading War and Peace. You:
Give them you opinion on what you thought of the book.
Wait til you're passing a test or something to them to ask about it.
say, "Is that a book about your love life?"
Gush over them at the top of your lungs, then wave it around showing it to the class.
Don't notice and don't care.
Are impressed, but keep it to yourself.
Another student in your homeroom is chewing gum. You:
Offer them some more.
Gently warn them to spit it out.
Ask them what they're chewing. If they say nothing, say "Ok then I'll automatically assume it's a used condom."
Tell them to get rid of it unless it's an A-studnet, then let them chew it.
Whine and nag, but they don't listen so you give up.
Snap at them to throw it out.
ANOTHER student (lots of people taking this class) comes in and said "Oh man I am so stoned!" You say:
All right then.
Excuse me?
Why, did a rock fall on you?
That's great!!!!!!
We don't care about your stonedness.
Wait, so you came into school stoned? DETENTION!!!
A bagel falls on the floor during lunch. You:
kick it around.
throw it away.
Stare at it for a while, but leave it alone.
With a big smile on your face, hand it to a poor-looking kid with no lunch.
Ignore it.
Go on a rampage interrogation, asking each table f they dropped the bagel and screaming at the people who say yes.
The class has been good and you've decided to let them watch a movie. What is it?
Animal Farm
Pay it Forward
Not Another Teen Movie
ABCs with Barney
My class doesn't deserve a movie.
He Hurt Me in a Secret Place: How to Prevent Being Raped
What did you want to be when you were a little kid?
English teacher
My mommy
Fashion Designer
Hitler's intern
What's your favorite school subject?
Social studies
English, especially Grammar
Sex Ed, and history i guess
I'd like to be the principal, thank you.
When it comes to goofing off in the class you teach...
The kids have their moments, but they listen to me.
Noone really acts up, I'm the one making the witty comments.
Yeah, we laugh. I try to make it happen often so I can watch girl's chests go up and down.
Usually the children are too busy listening to me talk to say anything.
There is no laughing, smiling, or talking in my classroom. Not that anyone listens to my rules.
The kids always look terrified, I just don't get it.
What's the number one "No" rule in your class?
No rules
No negativity
No distractions
No sad frownyfaces
No fun
No cleavage

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