Which Teacher Are You?

Let's see which old teacher of mine you are- Are you my old Math teacher? Maybe my old Science teacher- Or my old Reading teacher... and last but not least- my History teacher! Take this quiz I guess if you're like, super bored or something. I dunnooo..

Are YOU boring? Preppy? Find out! I don't want to give away my answers in this description, so take the quiz to see- I don't know what else to see and I'm just trying to take up space in this paragraph!

Created by: Mindy Paulsen

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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is your fashion style?
  2. Hairstyle?
  3. Favorite subject in school?
  4. Do you honestly like little children? Basitting them or whatever?
  5. Do other peers like you?
  6. Are you...
  7. Do you want kids later in life?
  8. Favorite TV show/channel?
  9. About your shoes...
  10. Good attendance in school?
  11. Do you put up with someone whose badmouthing you?

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Quiz topic: Which Teacher am I?